With each stroke of the brush on the canvas a painting comes to life. I love the process, playing with light, shadows, and colours, and translating an inspiration into something concrete that I can share with others. Welcome to my website- it is a pleasure to show you some of my paintings.

 2020, and now 2021,  will be embedded in our memories as a period where life  took many  unexpected turns. This has been an emotional time for everyone – full of thought, reflection, and adjustment.  For over 25 years I’ve been painting more realistically the beauty of nature, entranced by the play of light and dark, and the magic of colour in flowers and landscapes around me. Somehow, the pandemic put a different lens on what I saw around me – everything was still there, but in a way appeared more delicate, even fragile. I still wanted to paint nature, but found myself pursuing a style that leaned more towards that sense of abstract and ephemeral that I felt about my surroundings.. While it’s art, it’s also a conversation.